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Self-Made Monkeys is an independent production company that produces original content for film, television & the web.  We are currently in production on various comedic web shorts, including the online series: "Living The Dream".  We also have a slate of television projects in development, including an original half-hour animated series and a one hour dramedy.

But who are we really?  Well, we were born in Sumatra, or so we were told.  We don't really remember.  We have 24 brothers and sisters, so we shop at Costco a lot.

We have opposable thumbs, which we enjoy using to make videos with a camera and a computer.

Producing partner, Billy Grant has an extensive background in both business and entertainment. He is well known for his charming smile, hairy back, and his ability to get things done despite the fact that he doesn't listen very well.  What?  Say that again?

Producing partner, Paul Storck is an Emmy nominated television writer and producer who has been responsible for the development and success of many major television programs.  He is well known for his feverous appetite for bugs and the ability to always remain calm and cool under pressure.

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